Postdoctoral Fellow

Jenn Bossio is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the UBC Sexual Health Lab in collaboration with the Vancouver Prostate Centre. Her research interests primarily focus on psychological and physiological factors that contribute to men’s sexual lives. Jenn completed her training in Clinical Psychology at Queen’s University, where her PhD research focused on men’s sexuality, including penile sensitivity, sexual arousal, and the impact of circumcision status on the sexual lives of men and their partners. During her Clinical Psychology Residency at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, Jenn collaborated with the UBC Sexual Health Lab and the BC Center for Sexual Medicine to develop a mindfulness-based group treatment protocol for men with situational erectile dysfunction. Her Fellowship, which is funded by Prostate Cancer Canada and the Michael Smith Foundation of Health Research, explores the use of acceptance-based therapy to help men and their partners cope with the changes to one’s sex life following prostate cancer treatment. Jenn is particularly interested in the integration of clinical psychology into interdisciplinary health care, especially as it relates to human sexuality.