Geneviève Allaire-Stacey


Graduate Student

Geneviève is currently doing her MSc in Women+ and Children’s Health Sciences (WACH) under the supervision of Dr. Brotto. In 2022, she graduated from McGill University after completing her BA as a double major in Psychology and Gender, Sexuality, Feminist and Social Justice Studies as well as a minor in Behavioural Science. Through her studies at McGill, Geneviève developed a marked interest for women, sexuality, and health, and it is with the goal of having a direct impact on women’s health that she applied for the WACH program. Genevieve’s focus at UBC and in the Sexual Health Research Laboratory is centered on treatments for sexual dysfunction in cancer survivors. Specifically, she works on eSense-Cancer, a branch of the eSense study, which seeks to adapt the original digital therapy modules to ovarian cancer survivors’ lived experiences with female sexual dysfunction. Geneviève hopes to continue onwards doing work related to sexual health and advocacy once she is done her master’s degree.