We’d like to introduce you to our new look!

January 2020 marks our 15th anniversary since the UBC Sexual Health Lab was established. Our new logo, created in partnership with Presence Creative, represents the growth and evolution of our research. Over the past 15 years we have made significant progress in contributing to the body of research aimed at improving our understanding of sexual health, reducing stigma, and improving access to evidence-based treatment and information.

Our original cherry blossom lives on in our rebrand with its floral shape. The flower symbolizes women’s health and transformation. The petals represent the diverse topics within our research program, including asexuality, sexual response, sexual desire, mindfulness and meditation. The circular shape of the flower symbolizes various life stages as well as the diverse spectrum of sexuality and gender expression.

Lastly, as we have continued to grow in our work we have transitioned from “UBC Sexual Health Lab” to “UBC Sexual Health Research”, to reflect the breadth of our research beyond the laboratory.

We hope the new look resonates with our research participants, collaborators, and supporters who we have been so fortunate to get to know over the years. Thank you for making our work possible – we look forward to another 15 years!